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Having been born in 1954 I grew up with the images of modern art and was especially drawn to expressive abstraction. It was everywhere I looked, from magazines that came to our house to the covers of my brother’s jazz records. I even grew up just blocks away from an early abstract mural by a then not so well known artist Wayne Thiebaud that I frequently visited and studied in my youth. I absorbed an explosion of imagery and sounds from classical to modern jazz to psychedelic to pop and beyond, and I fed my mind on all I would see, and hear. My paintings and sculptures are a continuing inner search based on everything I’ve studied and observed over my now many years and everything I see everyday. I work in the moment so every painting is like an improvisation and I often rework my paintings over time, so many are often dated over several year spans. Until the work leaves me it isn’t finished. My sculptures often borrow from cultural art, folk artist, and the “outsiders”. They are much more primitive than my paintings. I absorb all I see and hear. I make what I feel inside.

I intertwine art history and musical references in my compositions with rhythms and marks referencing notations and movement. My artworks are my references and tributes to all the artists, artwork, and music I’ve studied, learned, and admired for so many years. I think of my works as relics because these are what I’ll leave behind when I’m gone.


My art has exhibited in numerous competitions and received many awards, and is collected across the US. The work has shown throughout California, as well as in Chicago, Denver, and Portland, with mentions in published reviews.  As a student I studied photography, art, music, and television / video production, and I worked in audio / sound production. In my youth I volunteered and worked with several non-profits before later owning and directing my own gallery that became well known and respected among national artists and collectors before my closing after 10 years. Since then I’ve dedicated many years in creating an extensive portfolio of my own art.

Selected List of Shows:

  • SMUD Gallery, 2019

  • Portland, OR, 2018

  • Crocker Art Museum Auction, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

  • Luna's Cafe, 2017, 2018

  • Gallery Route One, 2004, 05, 14, 18

  • Blue Line Art, 2006, 05, 13, 16

  • Sebastopol Center For the Arts, 2009, 10, 11, 20

  • Denver 2014

  • Sanchez Art Center 2008, 11, 14

  • Pence Gallery, Davis 2012

  • Chicago, 2011

  • Long Beach 2004, 10

  • Gorman Museum, UCD 2002

  • Pro Arts, Oakland 2003

Palo Alto
Crocker Auction
Inside, Sacramento Magazine
By Hand
Blue Line
SMUD Gallery
Abstract Catalyst Show
Crocker Art Museum
Pence Gallery
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